Saturday, March 24, 2018

Five essential mind-bending novels

Chuma Nwokolo's is the author of the novel The Extinction of Menai and other works. One of five essential mind-bending novels he tagged at Publishers Weekly:
Search Sweet Country by Kojo Laing

You will need your wits about you when reading Kojo Laing (Woman of Aeroplanes, Big Bishop Roko and the Altar Gangsters). In his fiction, a sentence is a recreational universe with its own internal logic and world order, free to contort, invert, and luxuriate in a love of lexicon, free from any obligation to conform with the sentence before, or the sentence afterwards. This is the recipe, of course, for bedlam. But Kojo Laing is an innovative stylist whose fiction is saved from the madhouse by its sheer inventiveness, and by its wit. In Search Sweet Country, the characters are searching for Change, and the author serves up change in spades in a narration that bucks novelistic conventions.
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--Marshal Zeringue