Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ten essential nonfiction graphic novels

At the B&N Reads blog Brian Boone tagged ten "of the most profound and fascinating non-fiction graphic novels," including:
Tetris: The Games People Play

As great as many of them turn out to be, most video games don’t have that interesting of an origin story—somebody at a software company gets an idea, 100 people develop it, millions get entertained. The story of the classic puzzle game Tetris is far more interesting…and harrowing. Created by a Russian computer scientist named Alexey Pajiitnov during the Soviet era, the story of Tetris is one of corporate manipulation, government interference, and a peek behind the Iron Curtain. Author and artist Box Brown also fits his style to the material, drawing in a boxy, blocky style, suggesting the endless shapes of Tetris itself.
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--Marshal Zeringue