Thursday, March 29, 2018

Seven complicated sibling bonds in SFF books

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog Nicole Hill tagged seven complicated sibling bonds in science fiction & fantasy books, including:
Taema and Tila
False Hearts, by Laura Lam

No sibling relationship could be quite so complicated as that between conjoined twins. For their first 16 years, that was Taema and Tila: raised in a reclusive cult, the sisters found salvation at death’s door; as their shared heart began to fail, they fled Mana’s Hearth for San Francisco, where they were saved and separated. After a decade apart, though, other fractures in their bond have appeared. It all comes crashing down with Tila, accused of murder and soaked in blood, appearing on her sibling’s doorstep. To absolve her sister, Taema goes undercover in the city’s underground crime syndicate, where Tila’s many, many secrets seem central to solving the other perverse mysteries surrounding the trade of a new drug.
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--Marshal Zeringue