Monday, June 11, 2018

Five memorable houses in fiction

Louise Candlish's latest novel is Our House. One of five memorable houses in fiction she tagged at the Waterstones blog:
Howard’s End by EM Forster

The passionate attachment Ruth Wilcox has to her house feels as relevant today as it must have done when Forster was writing, during a period of great societal and cultural tension. Finding a home, a place of true belonging, is crucial to his characters’ emotional well being. After Mrs Wilcox’s death, Howard’s End is the source of ethical dilemma and the setting of terrible tragedy, but it also, in the end, is a place of reunion and healing. I love the line when Margeret Schlegel asks Mr Wilcox, ‘Aren’t you ever amused at the solemnity with which we middle classes approach the subject of houses?’

Oh yes.
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Howards End is among Fiona Stafford's ten top books about trees and John Mullan's ten best concerts in literature.

--Marshal Zeringue