Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eleven modern classics of conspiracy noir

LitHub crime editor Dwyer Murphy tagged eleven modern classics of conspiracy noir for CrimeReads. One title on the list:
Stephen King, 11.22.63

King’s alternative history / conspiracy / sci-fi epic is a truly mind-bending novel, with Jake Epping, a local high school teacher in Maine, discovering that his diner’s pantry is also a time travel vessel that delivers him to September 9, 1958, at which point he can struggle to change historical events, including JFK’s assassination, but only against the dimension’s stubborn efforts to stop him. The story is guaranteed to alter perceptions and call into question the supposedly linear march of history, especially when you decide that time itself is a co-conspirator.
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11/22/63 is among Peter May's six best books and Molly Driscoll's top six novels that explore a slightly alternate version of very familiar events.

--Marshal Zeringue