Saturday, April 20, 2019

Six fictional murder scenes that left readers gobsmacked

Jane Haseldine's newest novel is You Fit the Pattern.

At CrimeReads she tagged six unforgettable fictional murder scenes, including:
Brighton, Michael Harvey

I grew up in Gloucester, Mass., and later lived in Boston, a city, if you’re from there, that is all about the neighborhood where you call home. All his books set in Chicago are terrific, but Harvey returns to his hometown for Brighton. His masterful descriptions of the city with its divergent neighborhoods that run from highbrow Back Bay’s brownstones to East Boston’s tight, triple-deckers where uniforms hang from laundry lines are dead-on. In Brighton, Kevin Pearce escapes his old Boston neighborhood to become a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist. But the past is never really over for any of us, especially if you’ve left a whopper of a secret behind. Plenty of bodies fall in this book, but when one victim gets pushed off a roof by a deliciously horrible killer, you’ll feel a chill go through you that’s colder than a Boston January night.
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--Marshal Zeringue