Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ten books featuring complex mother-daughter relationships

Christina McDonald's new novel is The Night Olivia Fell.

At The Strand Magazine she tagged her ten favorite books that cover the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, including:
Tear Me Apart, J.T. Ellison

When competitive skier Mindy Wright is in a horrific crash, she is raced into surgery, only for doctors to find out she has a severe form of leukemia and needs a stem cell transplant immediately. But when her parents are tested to see if they’re a match, they learn that Mindy isn’t their biological daughter.

Was Mindy switched at the hospital? Was she kidnapped? Does either parent know the truth? All these questions and more bombarded me when I first picked up this fast-paced thriller. Ultimately, this is the powerful story of a mother who will move heaven and earth to protect her daughter, even as the search for the answers to these questions threatens to tear everything she’s built apart.
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--Marshal Zeringue