Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Five romantic novels for those with a taste for travel

At B&N Reads Tara Sonin tagged five sexy novels to unleash your wanderlust, including:
Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice

New Orleans, Eastern Europe, Paris…sounds like a whirlwind trip, especially if you’re immortal. If you’re like me and watched the movie adaptation of Anne Rice’s gothic novel detailing the saga of Louis and Lestat (and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise), then there’s no time like the present to pick up the moody, evocative, and lushly descriptive novel. Louis is living on a New Orleans plantation in 1791 when he meets Lestat, a vampire who turns him, hoping for a lifelong companion. But tensions arise between them because Lestat feeds on humans, while Louis attempts to deny his nature. What begins as a journey of them traveling the world together becomes a story of Louis traveling alone, trying to reconcile his morals with his immortality.
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--Marshal Zeringue