Thursday, August 18, 2016

Seven top genre-bending historical fiction YA books

Eric Smith is the author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating and Inked. One of seven genre-bending historical fiction YA books he tagged at the BN Teen blog:
Sekret, by Lindsay Smith

I’ve talked up Smith’s duology on here before (make sure you pick up Skandal too!), as it’s probably my favorite genre-bending alternative history. In it, we’re taken back to the Cold War, and while the rest of the world thinks mankind is simply stewing in fear over nuclear weapons and the threat of war, the reality is far more interesting: Psychic. Soldiers. The KGB wants Yulia, a teen with special psychic gifts she uses to survive the landscape of Communist Russia, but she’d rather not get scooped up and forced to fight. However, with a powerful American psychic soldier hot on her trail, she might not have a choice. It’s packed with political intrigue, romance, and serious suspense, set against a brilliantly researched backdrop.
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Sekret is one of Dahlia Adler's top eight internationally set YA novels.

--Marshal Zeringue