Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ten of the best satires

Michael Honig is a former surgeon and lives in England. The Senility of Vladimir P. is his first novel. One of his top ten satires, as shared at Publishers Weekly:
The House of God by Samuel Shem

As a medical student, I was given this book by a well-meaning (or possibly satanically mischievous) relative who happened to be a nurse. My God! It was like being brought to the wall of fire that is TRUTH and having one’s eyes held open by a pair of red hot toothpicks. Extreme situations bring out the extremes of human foibles, and few situations are more extreme than the first years of being a doctor. Set in a lightly disguised Boston hospital of high repute, Shem’s novel dives deep into the agony of absurdity.
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--Marshal Zeringue