Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ten top overlooked modern crime novels

For The Strand Magazine, Maxim Jakubowski tagged ten top overlooked modern crime novels, including:
Emily St. John Mandel/Last Night in Montreal (2009)

A stunning debut by a young Canadian author. An existential thriller with deep resonance about the way people’s past influences their lives despite their best effort to subvert it. Fathers on the run, lovers on the run, a crisscrossing waltz, past and present, across North America’s desolate roads, with souls on fire and sadness prevailing. To cap it all, a heartbreaking ending that might not have been allowed had the novel not been initially issued by a small press. Mandel has since moved on to larger shores and her fourth novel, Station Eleven, reached the bestseller lists, albeit in a different genre. Her follow-up, The Singer’s Gun, is equally worthy of inclusion in this list.
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