Sunday, October 2, 2016

Five classic romantic stories that still ring true today

At the B&N Reads blog, Cristina Merrill tagged five classic romantic stories that still relevant today, including:
The Professor, by Charlotte Brontë

This has got to be one of the original “finding love abroad” stories. Charlotte Bronte wrote it before Jane Eyre, but it was published posthumously in 1857. The story is partly based on the author’s experiences as a student and teacher in Brussels. The protagonist, William Crimsworth, is like a male version of Jane Eyre. He’s nothing too exciting to his fellow English people, and he goes abroad in the hopes of making a better life for himself. He meets and eventually marries another teacher to whom he is teaching English. While this particular work doesn’t have the prestige of some of Bronte’s other works, we can still appreciate it today for several reasons. Like so many educated young people today, Williams has a hard time finding gainful employment. He becomes somewhat entranced by a not-so-great woman. And when he finally does end up with the right person, they pool their resources together for a financially secure happy ending.
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--Marshal Zeringue