Thursday, October 13, 2016

Five top extreme survival stories

Claire Fuller is a novelist and short fiction writer. For her first degree she studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art, specializing in wood and stone carving. She began writing fiction at the age of 40, after many years working as a co-director of a marketing agency. Fuller has a masters in Creative and Critical Writing from The University of Winchester.

Fuller's first novel is Our Endless Numbered Days.

One of the author's top five extreme survival stories, as shared at the WHSmith blog:
Alive, the story of the Andes survivors by Piers Paul Read. And, again it’s a true story from 1972, I remember it from when I was five. And a Uruguayan rugby team crash in the Andes on a flight and there were 45 people on the plane and I think about 16 survive. They have to go through awful things to survive and you just put yourself in that situation and it’s horrendous and you wonder whether you would actually be able to do it yourself.
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Alive is among Ed Douglas's ten most courageous tales of survival.

The Page 69 Test: Our Endless Numbered Days.

Writers Read: Claire Fuller (March 2015).

--Marshal Zeringue