Saturday, October 15, 2016

Five YA books about artistic ambition

At the BN Teen Blog Dahlia Adler tagged five YA novels about artistic ambition, including:
Still Life With Tornado, by A.S. King

Being an artist has always been Sarah’s identity, so what does it mean when suddenly she can’t even draw the simplest still-life? Without her number one occupation, Sarah’s even more attuned to her surroundings, including her parents’ disastrous marriage, her former friends, and the gnawing absence left by her brother, who left home (and, effectively, their family) six years earlier. But there are new meanings to be found in life, she’s sure, and certainly ways to be more original, if only she can come up with them. If only she can find the right people. Following a homeless street artist seems to be a good start, but it’s the more unexpected people she meets—her past and future selves—that truly shed light on what she needs to face in order to move forward and get her mojo back.
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--Marshal Zeringue