Friday, January 29, 2016

Peter May's six best books

Glaswegian by birth, Peter May is a bestselling crime novelist. One of his six best books, as shared at The Daily Express:
A MOVEABLE FEAST by Ernest Hemingway

An autobiography of Hemingway’s early impoverished years in Paris which made me realise how you had to learn your craft and use the things around you. There was something alluring about 1920s Paris and it became a bible for everything that I wanted to be and do.
Read about the other books on the list.

A Moveable Feast made Jenny Shank's list of five fabulous food-focused works, Olivia Laing's ten best list of books and stories on drinking and booze, Katherine Monasterio's top five list of incredible tales of Paris’s past and present, the Barnes & Noble Review's list of five books on Americans in Paris, Neil Pearson's six best books list, Diana Souhami's top ten list of "books about Paris and London lesbians in the early 20th century", Laura Landro's five best list of books about travel; it is a book to which Russell Banks always returns.

--Marshal Zeringue