Monday, January 11, 2016

Top ten family thrillers

Jenny Milchman's books include Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, and As Night Falls. One of the author's ten top family thrillers, as shared at The Strand Magazine:
Linwood Barclay, Fear the Worst

Barclay, like another family thriller author we will encounter in this list, writes “daddy lit.” Tim Blake is an average guy with an ex-wife and a ho-hum job. Then one day his teenage daughter vanishes. Discovering where Sydney has gone will require Tim to pull back the curtain on his seemingly quiet suburban town.

Carla Buckley, The Things That Keep Us Here

One morning after Buckley had recently moved, she woke up with this fear: what if a pandemic struck her new neighborhood and she had nobody to turn to for help? This claustrophobic scenario drives Buckley’s debut in which avian flu shuts down a suburban town, isolating Ann Brooks, her daughters, and her soon-to-be ex-husband in a house that suddenly becomes their prison.
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--Marshal Zeringue