Sunday, January 3, 2016

Six of the best Shakespeare retellings in YA lit

At the B & N Teen Blog, Jenny Kawecki tagged six top Young Adult reads for Jane Austen fans, including:
Confessions of a Triple-Shot Betty, by Jody Gehrman

In another take on Much Ado About Nothing, Gehrman’s espresso-serving leading lady is less focused on love and more focused on something slightly more important: revenge. When the local golden boy takes advantage of both her cousin and her best friend, Geena enlists some help to take him down. But the best part of this retelling is how Gehrman stays true to the original, with all the inappropriate humor and battle of the wits that make Much Ado what it is. Warning: reading this book will make you crave a nice, hot latté.
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--Marshal Zeringue