Saturday, January 9, 2016

Six top books for grownup horse lovers

At B & N Reads Monique Alice tagged six top books for grownup horse lovers, including:
Borrowed Horses, by Sian Griffiths

This moving story begins when Joannie Edson gets some bad news. The Equestrian Olympic hopeful finds herself at a crossroads when her mom’s multiple sclerosis worsens. Joannie does the only thing she can, moving back to Idaho to help out with her family’s struggle. Once there, it becomes clear her beloved horse is getting on in years and won’t be able to compete. Joannie must decide whether to pursue the romance she has long put off in favor of her career, or to pour all her energy into an abused and frightened mare that just might hold the key to her Olympic dreams. This book is full of themes familiar to many lifelong riders—small-town gossip, tested dedication, and the value of compassion. Most of all, Borrowed Horses reminds us our four-legged companions teach us much more than we could ever teach them.
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--Marshal Zeringue