Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four books where psychiatrists take center stage

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Ellen Wehle tagged "four mind-bending books, in which therapists and the life of the mind take center stage," including:
Waiting for Wednesday, by Nicci French

One problem I have with non-police mysteries is credibility: why would your average priest/granny/piano tuner be able to solve a tricky murder case? The best mysteries make me believe it, as in this series featuring psychotherapist Frieda Klein. Given her profession, it’s only natural Frieda would have a working relationship with police and plenty of insight into the deviant mind. If there’s a killer on the loose, she’d certainly be able to put herself in the guy’s shoes and predict what he’d do next. This is why Frieda rocks!

Ruth Lennox is a seemingly ordinary housewife and mother found brutally murdered. When it comes out that Ruth was leading a double life, and when her son becomes friends with Frieda’s niece, the case quickly takes a personal turn. Complicating matters is Frieda’s own state of mind, as she tries to recover from an attack on her life. Untangling the truth will take every bit of grit and experience she’s got.
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--Marshal Zeringue