Friday, August 8, 2014

Four top novels of ice and snow

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Ellen Wehle tagged four top stories of ice and snow, including:
Snowblind, by Christopher Golden

For a change of pace, try this horror novel set in the picture-postcard town of Coventry, Massachusetts. There’s a large cast of characters, all written with empathy as living, breathing people you’ll swear you recognize from your own hometown, but the main character is…the storm. Filled with malevolent spirits, this storm has a will of its own.

I prefer my horror without buckets of blood, and Golden delivers, giving the townspeople psychological dilemmas every bit as suspenseful as the supernatural one. Twelve years ago Coventry was hit with a whiteout that left 18 dead, some of them (this is my favorite image) dragged out of windows by icy hands. Now, as they brace for another Nor’easter, the survivors have to face both their fear and traumatic memories of the earlier storm. There are shivers aplenty—and a climax that’ll knock your socks off.
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--Marshal Zeringue