Monday, August 18, 2014

Ten of the creepiest books

Stephanie Feldman's debut novel The Angel of Losses "explores the intersections of family secrets, Jewish myths, the legacy of war and history, and the bonds between sisters."

For Publishers Weekly, Feldman tagged ten of her favorite "books that are smart and scary—just frightening enough for catharsis, and just exotic enough in their trappings that you'll probably still be able to sleep at night, if you're not lying awake thrilled by just how good they are." One title on the list:
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

Another classic source of Freudian creepiness: fairy tales. The original Grimms' collection is filled with murderous parents, missing limbs, and gouged eyes. Angela Carter’s retellings of Bluebeard, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood (among others) go beyond spare allegory. They offer lush prose, vibrant heroines, and candid sexuality.
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The Bloody Chamber is one of Jonathan Stroud's favorite fantasy books.

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--Marshal Zeringue