Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Four must-read science fiction debuts

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Paul Goat Allen tagged four must-read science fiction debuts, including:
RedDevil 4, by Eric C. Leuthardt

A science-fiction thriller that is as thematically powerful as Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain, this debut novel—set in the year 2053—is flawless. Featuring a cast of brilliantly developed characters, breakneck pacing, and literally nonstop action, the storyline revolves around the spread of a virus in neuroprosthetic implants (used by the majority of the population to stay connected to the Internet) that turns ordinary people into mindless murderers. Not only is Leuthardt’s portrayal of the near future meticulously described and incredibly plausible, the social and political implications of humankind “upgrading” their consciousnesses are chilling to say the least. If you like your thrillers heaped with a healthy dose of scientific speculation, you’re going to love RedDevil 4.
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--Marshal Zeringue