Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five epic fantasies with gender equal societies

Kelley Grant's latest novel is Desert Rising. At she tagged five epic fantasies with gender equal societies, including:
The Den of Inequity/Sanctuary in Ephemera—Anne Bishop’s Sebastian

In Daughter of the Blood, Bishop reverses power between the sexes, and corrupt women become debased and cruel with unlimited power. I was so excited by the novelty of that world, I gave it to a male friend. He gave it back with a wince, only partially read. But in the world of Ephemera, Bishop creates several landscapes in which women and men (and incubi and succubi) take the roles they were born to, without prejudice. I love the equal opportunity darkness and depravity of the Den of Inequity, which is balanced so nicely by the serenity of Sanctuary. Both sides of human nature are shown in this original world. Bishop is a master at exploring sexuality and power between the sexes.
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--Marshal Zeringue