Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five sci-fi books with an Australian perspective

Jackie Hatton is the author of Flesh and Wires, a post-apocalyptic, post-alien novel that imagines women as the agents of their own destiny. One of five sci-fi books with an Australian perspective she tagged at
Traci Harding—The Ancient Future: The Dark Age

The heroine of this time-traveling alien-culture souls-reincarnating adventure is an Australian woman who finds herself living in the dark ages, yet still with some access to important modern conveniences (like her digital music collection, tampons, and a complete replica of her bedroom at home). The voice of Tory is unequivocally Australian, even if the setting is not. Within days of her arrival back in the dark ages, Tory is working hard to establish women’s rights, temper the violent disposition of the times, and tame a prince or two. She even takes on the most powerful man of dark ages mythology: “Thou art making decisions concerning me without my knowledge … that be not my only beef with thee though, Merlin. I have a list.” The story might not be set in Australia, but the author’s voice rings with the humor and determination of her compatriots. It is also a prime example of the truism that Australians are, to the last woman standing, funny.

Harding’s perspective: Back home we hardly wear any clothes half the year, it be too hot.
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--Marshal Zeringue