Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five fascinating novels about marriage

Jeff Somers is the author of Lifers, the Avery Cates series from Orbit Books, Chum from Tyrus Books, and We Are Not Good People from Pocket/Gallery. He has published over thirty short stories as well. One of Somers's five fascinating novels about marriage, as shared at B & N Reads:
Too Far to Go, by John Updike

Updike had a unique style and viewpoint, and the characters in his stories and novels, especially the men, could be very predictable in their attitudes, lusts, and fears. This collection of stories exploring a relationship and marriage from first date to post-divorce kiss is a product of that unique Updike style. From the initial nervousness of meeting someone you simply must know better, to the final exhausted familiarity between two people who know each other so well they can no longer be together, Updike makes every moment along the way interesting and meaningful, rendering this a remarkable book for anyone who has ever been married.
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--Marshal Zeringue