Thursday, December 3, 2015

Twenty-seven overlooked books of 2015

Slate Book Review critics recommended 27 books you’d probably love if only you knew about them, including:
Dan Kois recommends Devotion: A Rat Story, by Maile Meloy:

When I first acquired this tiny book—a single story by the remarkable Meloy (Liars and Saints), packaged in a handsome 4-inch-tall edition—I almost immediately lost it in the jumble and tumble of books in my house. Occasionally it would peek its nose out just long enough for me to see it out of the corner of my eye, but when I went hunting for it, it was always gone. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it—it gnawed at my memory, making me wonder every day where it could be hiding. Then this week I finally trapped and read this sensitive, disquieting fable of a young mother whose dream house has a surprise in store. Now I’ll never get it out of my head. Luckily I know right where I put it—it’s right over…uh…
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--Marshal Zeringue