Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Eight top fictional divas in need of a reality check

Tracy Clark is a native Chicagoan who writes mysteries set in her hometown while working as an editor in the newspaper industry. She is a graduate of Mundelein College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she earned her MA.

Her new novel is What You Don't See.

At CrimeReads, Clark tagged "eight books that feature either high priestesses of haughtiness you love to hate or stealthy stalkers who’ll have you sleeping with the lights on, checking your locks ten times a night and nailing your mailbox shut." One title on the list:
Your Heart Belongs to Me, Dean Koontz

No one’s creepier than Koontz (book wise, not personally. I don’t know the man). In this one, Ryan Perry, young guy, living his life, suddenly needs a heart transplant, which he soon gets. A while later, feeling better than he has in a long time, he begins to get weird gifts in the mail with a message on it “Your Heart Belongs to Me.” Creepy. Turns out the woman sending the messages and the gifts, is a full-on doppelganger for his heart donor. Creepy doubled. And this twisted sister, apparently, now wants the heart back. Mic drop. Well played, Koontz, well played.
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--Marshal Zeringue