Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ten unforgettable thrillers featuring memory loss

Kate White's new novel of suspense is Have You Seen Me?

At CrimeReads she tagged ten of her "favorite thrillers with a main character who can’t remember what matters most." One title on the list:
In the Woods
By Tana French

In the summer of 1984, three children go out to play in the woods near their Dublin suburb, but only one, Rob Ryan, returns—or, rather, he’s found groping a tree in terror, his shoes bloodied. He has absolutely no memory of what happened. Twenty years later, Ryan, now a detective with the Dublin Murder Squad (his superiors know nothing of his history) is assigned to investigate the murder of a young girl in the same woods. Of course, he should immediately ask to be removed from the case, but Ryan sees this as a chance to not only hunt down the killer of the young girl but also shed light on the horrible mystery of his own past. This stunning, atmospheric novel was French’s debut. Read it and you’ll soon be tearing through the other amazing mysteries she’s written since.
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The Page 69 Test: In the Woods.

--Marshal Zeringue