Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ten top Scottish crime novels

Craig Robertson is the author of Random, Snapshot, Cold Grave, The Last Refuge, Witness The Dead, Murderabilia, The Photographer, and the new novel, Watch Him Die.

At the Guardian he tagged ten top "Scottish crime novels driven by issues of duality, redemption, the nature of good and evil, and a dark, dark, humour," including:
Two-Way Split by Allan Guthrie

If this book was a boxer it would be a classy welterweight. Lean and muscular, taut and fast-moving, and packing a big punch. What it lacks in tartan it more than makes up for in noir. It’s a hard-boiled nugget of a book with not one word wasted. Guthrie specialises in giving us antiheroes we care about, without ever draping them in false sentimentality. Here, we’re firmly on the side of a bank robber who is seeking the ultimate revenge on a fellow gang member.
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--Marshal Zeringue