Saturday, May 16, 2020

Twelve books featuring the hardest working moms in mysteries

Mary Keliikoa spent the first 18 years of her adult life working around lawyers. Combining her love of all things legal and books, she dove into mystery creating twisting mysteries where justice prevails. A Pacific Northwest native, she enjoys the area in all its beauty. When she’s not there, you can find Keliikoa on a beach on the Big Island where she and her husband recharge. But even under the palm trees and blazing sun she’s plotting her next murder—novel that is.

Keliikoa's debut novel is Derailed.

At CrimeReads, she tagged twelve books featuring fierce moms ready to do anything to protect their families, including:
Little Voices by Vanessa Lillie

This book was such an engrossing read and Vanessa is one talented writer. Devon Burges is in the throes of a high-risk birth when she learns of her dear friend’s murder. The police quickly name another friend as the chief suspect, but Devon doesn’t buy it—and despite her difficult recovery, she decides to investigate. Haunted by postpartum problems that manifest as a cruel voice in her head, Devon is barely getting by. Yet her instincts are still sharp, and she’s bent on proving her friend’s innocence. But as Devon digs into the evidence, the voice in her head grows more insistent, the danger more intense. Each layer is darker, more disturbing, and she’s not sure she—or her baby—can survive what lies at the truth.
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The Page 69 Test: Little Voices.

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